Dear LPC Family,


With hearts full of gratitude, we want to extend our sincere appreciation for your unwavering support. In recent years, our ministry has flourished thanks to your dedicated contributions, mainly through the general operating fund (staff salaries, ministry essentials and missions) and building fund to enhance our physical space, ensuring our church conveys that EVERYBODY’S WELCOME, NOBODY’S PERFECT & ANYTHING’S POSSIBLE.


On the journey together,






This project addresses the practical needs that we have right now.  It also creates space for people to gather and grow together to build transformative relationships. In addition to putting in a new HVAC and expanding the lobby, we will be replacing the one bathroom we currently have with two multi-stall restrooms and a coffee bar, and we will also be renovating the nursery and staff offices.


New HVAC/Windows/Utilities: Just like with a house, things get old, the HVAC and windows are original to the building!  Safety, comfort, and efficiency dictate that we have to do this.


Two Additional Bathrooms & Coffee Bar: The bathrooms are needed so when you have to go, you don’t have to go. The coffee bar helps foster an environment of community and fellowship.


Expanded Lobby Area: We will create a beautiful gathering space for more people to linger longer. Being there for our community means having a place to gather and get to know one another.  


Renovated Nursery & Staff Offices: Because the HVAC and lobby projects will impact the entire first floor, we are making the most practical use of funds to renovate these areas at the same time.


Improved Lower-Level Environments: Similarly, because the HVAC project will open up the ceilings, this will be the most cost effective time to update the paint and carpet for a practical use of funds.




By God's grace, we successfully raised our goal of $2M+ through the Together For 70 More initiative. In addition to these resources, we plan to took out a loan of up to $1.25M to be paid off in up to seven years which would increase our annual budget by up to 10%. Our church leadership will seek to pay off the loan sooner and will apply any increases in general giving towards paying off debt.


Over the past five years, we have significantly improved our financial health as a church. We have aligned our budget with best practices and carry no debt. It may feel safer to move forward without debt or wait until we have cash in hand. However, the elders of LPC believe that addressing these immediate, practical needs today is important for the long-term health of our church.




This is where ALL OF US need to partner together. We believe when our entire church family gives sacrificially, not just out of surplus, we will raise the resources we need over the next three years to make this Kingdom investment in our church, community, and world.  And, it is not too late to join us on the journey of generous giving


The Renovation Project is scheduled to be completed by September, 2023, and due to the nature of the three-year campaign, we are seeking additional contributions to meet this deadline.  Additional monies received will also decrease the amount of debt necessary to take on, allowing us to accelerate putting additional recourses into the ministry fund. 


Together for 70 more means as a church family, we PRAY for God’s direction and provision, COMMIT to follow God’s lead, and SACRIFICE so others can come to know the love, grace, and hope found in Jesus. Now is the time. We are the people together for 70 more!